After Care Instructions

1. Wash your new tattoo a MINIMUM of 3-5 times daily using Black Cat Tattoo Spray Cleanser. Our super mild formula was developed to avoid burning on application or pulling the ink out of your new tattoo. Be careful what you put on your tattoo. Not all soap is created equal! Beware of copy cats! Pat tattoo dry with clean paper towel.

2. NEW!! Apply a few drops of Serum and gently massage into tattoo with light fingertips. No vigorous rubbing! The entire formula will soak in after just a few minutes and there will be no leftover residue. Use this a minimum of once per day.

-OR-Your other option is to...

Apply a thin layer of Healing Salve after each wash. A little dab will do ya. Just enough to make it shiny. It will soak right in and not feel greasy like some other brands.

3. After an average of 4 days you will notice a light flaking & new skin growth. It is now time to use Unscented Lotion. It will soften up your tattoo and keep it looking great! Use this lotion as much as you want throughout the day.